+ here to stay. +

more of this photo here.

the danger of a broken heart is not the pain.
not the tears, or anger.
not the ache, not the loneliness,
not the quiet, the empty seat, the bed now much too big.

the danger of a broken heart is what we have to repair it with.
mistrust, hopelessness, faux comfort.
the oaths we take. what we swear to ourselves.
the danger is self-reliance.

the danger is that these stitches in our heart don’t fall out.
that they are there to stay.
because they must.

the danger is that we know it isn’t about love anymore.
it isn’t about how perfect we are in our world.
it’s about how perfect we are in theirs.

the danger is that two became one.
and a half of one…

half is not whole.

but now we must make it so..

+ tour of my bedroom +

somewhere between working and school i am attempting to decorate the new place. i thought i would post progress of my bedroom to make you all happy. 🙂 not much, but i’ll do more after i get some other things out of the way (breakfast).

[ painting more frames ]

[ getting things hung up, slowly ]

[ rain out my window ]

[ notes i leave for myself ]

+ the next print +

potential next print.

yes, or no?.

+ questions+

What do you like to do?
Write. Sit in corners. Sit on the floor. Paint things, anything. Read. Take pictures. Edit them. Go thrifting. Decorate my home. Graphic/web design. Blog. Stalk people on Flickr. Go to the park. Buy things for people. Be outside, doing anything or nothing. Talk. Listen to people. Think. Make things. Swim. Travel. Explore. Make people laugh. Drive on freeways on summer nights. Listen to music really really loud. Lay out in the sun.

What’re your favourite magazines?
Hi Fructose. Juxtapoz. ID. The Drama. Vogue. Nylon, occasionally.

What make up do you wear?
Mascara. Sometimes a bit of this + this. Sometimes a bit of this.

Where do you like to shop?
Thrift stores. Vintage shops. Anthropologie. Boutiques. Etsy.

What do you dream about?
Usually having to get a group of people out of a maze before someone gets us. Or just getting somewhere before someone gets us. Someone is always trying to get me.

How old are you?
21. 22 very soon. Too soon.

What’s your favourite time of day?
Right when the sun comes up. And then at the hottest point of the day. 🙂

What are your favourite songs?
That’s like asking me what my favorite color is. Good try! I listen to almost everything. Entirely depends on the day.

What are you addicted to?
Decorating. All my spare money and time goes to decorating. And money I don’t have. And time I don’t have. I’m also addicted to people. I think it’s a problem. Also, flowers. I want flowers all the time. I never have enough..

+ ugh. +






+ new art on etsy! +


+ things i would do if i had time. +

– read antler mag.
– renew my subscriptions to juxtapoz, id, and hi fructose.
– update listography more.
– have 50+ listings on etsy of my watercolors.
– learn how to screenprint.
– have my walls painted by now.
– get a sewing machine.
– hang my curtains.
– participate in female photographers of etsy.
– be working on my collab’s that have all been tabled.
– buy an iphone.
– get my nails done.
– get a facial.
– change my hair.
– do fun things like make treasuries.
– go to the park and cloudwatch.
– buy a desk.
– hide in barnes & noble for a few days.
– cook. a lot.
– go hunting on etsy for bedding.
– make the jewelry line that is in my head.
– find a way to keep track of all my favorite photos/artists.
– go sit in a field.
– get some prints made for my house.
– find cheap polaroid film.
– be a flickr/blog/twitter whore & actually have friends on them.
– stalk everything on decor8.
– go to estate auctions.
– work out.
– make all my promised drawings for @lukesbeard

– – –

i really like this.

thank you, motionslow..