+ heels for haiti +

OOOOOOOOOOkay. Time to spread the love. I’m all about charities, non-profits and whatnot, and thankfully I live in a country that is all about them too. Most of the time, anyway.

Today’s blog is to inform you that I believe you should:

Give only $15 to love on Haiti


In return, you get a super comfy-American-Apparel-last-you-forever-everybody-asks-you-where-you-got-it shirt. (and you can say free clothing!)

100% of the proceeds will be going to lifeline mission. They have an established compound in Haiti (meaning they’ve been there before the earthquake, KNOW what Haiti needs, and exactly how to fill that need) that offers medical, food, clothing and spiritual help to aid those who have lost their friends, family members, and homes within the last week in Haiti.

I care so much that I took off my pants for a good cause, just to get your attention. So make my day by buying a shirt, re-blogging, re-tweeting, facebooking, and social networking this shirt til you feel like you’ve genuinely done your part.

Buy the Haiti Benefit Tee HERE.


– – –

P.S. Yes, they ship internationally, it’s AA, and the shirt says “til we are all free.”.

+ alive.+

i’m sorry for the unannounced sabbatical i’ve been on. i overworked myself and am paying for it dearly. doing a little better today…found this photo i loved and wanted to share. 🙂 the writing below is mine. love you all.

tiny thing, i know the smoke that circles down your lungs and envelopes your heart. the skin you wear that tugs and pulls at everything within. the hope your eyes have given up as they stare through everyone they see.


+ cheating +

dear blogspot:

i’ve been cheating on you with tumblr again.

i’m sorry.

– me.

+ empty +

*, photo by nyoroko.


is what this week has been.


+ pretty. jewelry. +


got happy pills today to try to combat this awful weather and the hormones that god so graciously blessed me with.

trying to keep track of all the life lessons i’m learning.

woke up at 5am and needed coffee all day; didn’t get it til 10pm. timing fail.

got two little baby fishies, sabo & gordon. they are oh so cute.

and, have a nice little photograph of two bracelets i made. yay.

how’s everyone’s new year going so far?.

twenty ten.

happy new year!

i played with the idea of posting my resolutions,
but since most of them are about doing things,
i thought i’d post what i’ve done so far. 🙂

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