+ mascara review +

Okay, ladies. This is going to be the shortest beauty product review you’ve ever read, because I really only have one thing to say: MAC Opulash is the best. You can stop reading now.

But really, for years I’ve been on the hunt for the best mascara, because it’s the only cosmetic product I use regularly. Every time I’ve found a “good” one as in “oh this is way better than that awful YouCanHaveLashesAsVolumizedAsVacuumCleanerBrushes XXXXXL!! I tried last year” mascara, they discontinue it, or change the packaging so that it might as well be discontinued because I can’t find it. This year I finally gave in and have been trying out the way-too-expensive mascaras because the thought popped into my head that maybe, maybe mascara is worth spending money on in the same way that you can’t half-ass your face moisturizer or your go-to black heels.

First, I tried Bad Gal’s Blue mascara. I was originally headed there to pick it up in Black, but the crazy woman at the counter convinced me that with my blue eyes, the blue mascara would be absolutely stunning. I pointed out that she also had blue eyes, but was wearing black, and she entirely ignored the question and cheerfully started talking about how fantastic my lashes already were. So, for a few weeks I wore “stripper lashes” as my brother sweetly referenced them. By stripper lashes I mean that yes, in the light, my lashes looked bright blue – even though little blonde lady told me it would appear black. Always.

Pros: Awesome application brush. Great to have as a secondary mascara color for nights you go out & are wearing colorful eyeliner/shadow. Cons: Have to apply 2-3 coats to have it sufficiently “volumized!!!” Makes people question your morals and your career. If you would like to purchase it, here are the specs:

Benefit Bad Gal Blue $19

After the first month, I went back and exchanged it for the black. Short story here. I liked it a lot, but still was choking a bit over paying $20 for mascara that really didn’t last me that long.

Benefit Bad Gal Black $19

Three days ago, I ran out of my Bad Gal and decided to check MAC’s mascara even though I’ve been told by half the world that Bad Gal is the best on the planet. The awesome asian girl that always helps me at MAC told the cashier, “Lauren will be buying Opulash in black, please.” So, that is what I bought. And it was $14, which is better than $19. And that purchase brings us to this post.

MAC’s mascara is so much better than Bad Gal that I will most likely be wearing it until I have my third child and let myself go altogether, at which point I will go back to purchasing Bad Gal just for the name.

Go buy it.


Question for anyone actually reading this: Have you tried any of these three? Thoughts? Any others you recommend me try?


+ thought > process +


your world is
beautiful than mine
i don’t
i know that i know
i want
i know that i don’t know
how to get there
i know that
i get
i may not
want what
i don’t know
how to get.


+ influence. +

who : : is : : under : : your : : influence

– – –

think about it. and tell me..

+ photos from washington state, & thoughts on grief +

This has been a week for wrestling with new things, and very old things. The old grief, the new self-doubt, and new eyes. Grief is a strange thing. There is no feeling like it. It is debilitating and consistent only in it’s inconsistency in appearing. It scares me that visually, grief sits at the base of my heart and joy is at the top. It permeates a level that joy has not yet touched. I realized I’ve sought healing in addition to grief, instead of in it’s place. More on grief here.

Oh the mysteries of the heart.

P.S. I miss the Pacific Northwest and it’s rawness. The “closer to God” effect. I found the photos above from Deception Pass, Washington when organizing my library and am excited to go back again this year..

+ an artist going blind, and a challenge. +

Yesterday we dropped a Love Bomb on Laura. She is an art journalism student and an oil painter, and she is slowly going blind. I am still choked up about this. Maybe it’s that she’s dealing with my greatest fear, maybe that she’s an art student like me, maybe it’s simply that she’s an absolutely gorgeous young woman losing her ability to see beautiful things. Maybe I’m still stumbling over her gracious humility in having to take the bus, and shower with her eyes closed.

Regardless, reading Laura’s blog yesterday reminded me how temporary this world is, and called me out on the unworthy weight I give to what I see.

Laura, this is a thank you for being faithful. You get it. You understand the world, your Maker, your purpose. It takes most of us a lifetime to come to this place, and I would argue that you see things more clearly than we do.

– – –

To the rest of you, the world needs you. I have a challenge. Who are you leading? Who is behind you? Who has acted out this week because you challenged them? There are hundreds of thousands more people like Laura that are in desperate need of encouragement and the strength of a community behind them.

Can you say you’re doing your part?

Today, I ask you to find a project to expand. Be responsible for growing an established movement. Love Bomb is one of these movements, and there are others. Operation Beautiful is one that we will be partnering with for next week’s Love Bomb Mission. There are plenty.

If you want to help grow Love Bomb, comment or shoot me an email (laurennicolelove@gmail.com). There are easy, easy ways to go one step further and drastically expand the reach of our Love Bombs within minutes. I am more than happy to give you the suggestions and tools.

Please, don’t be passive. When something tugs at your heartstrings, re-blog it. Re-tweet it. Share the fan page on Facebook with your friends. Forward an email. Tell someone. 2010 has made it easy for you.

I love you all – thank you again, Love Bomb team, for all that you’ve done..