when heaven comes.

when the trumpet sounds
and when heaven appears
we just might see it’s been here waiting
for thousands and thousands of weeks
for us to let go and breathe

heaven doesn’t come
when your lungs are closed
when your heart doesn’t beat
heaven doesn’t come
when you let her tell you
what your soul doesn’t believe

i want to know that when the air arrives
when the lightning strikes
that the grey in my eyes
was fear
was fear
was fear

i want to know that we’ve always been free
that the weight was just me
that the shame was just everything
he told his daughter out of
his fear
his fear
his fear

heaven doesn’t come
when the skin is weak
when the sadness seeps
through everything we’re trying for
heaven doesn’t come
when you let her tell you
what your eyes can’t see

when words are many
our god, he weeps
when guilt is heavy
our god, he relieves

i want to know
that the lies are asleep
that we are the ones
shaking them from their dreams
i want to know that my heart,
my child,
the angel you gave me
still sees
the face of my father
our father
in heaven

oh heaven, please show us
you’ve come.

[the rest of my poetry project here: womanuntieyourtongue.tumblr.com]

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