free download: twitter header / cover template psd

yesterday, twitter released a new layout. it’s primarily designed for mobile browsing, but it’s also viewable on desktop. if your account hasn’t updated yet, don’t worry. it’s just waiting until you go to design settings and add a header image, and click save. the dimensions for the image are: 1252×626.

make sure you don’t upload an image over 5mb. i put together this little psd for work, and figured i might as well share it with you all! if you have a simple background, you won’t need it – but if you want to play around with some cool effects/the placement of your profile photo, you’ll need this!

psd includes element layers and guides.

click here to download the psd

if the link doesn’t work, cut and paste this into your browser:

have fun, and link me to your new twitter profiles in the comments if you like! ^_^.