birthday trip to three rivers + sequoia national forest: part three

this is the last set of photos from our trip! the first set is here [the drive there & back] and the second set is here [the trees].

snow and ice are incredible.


birthday trip to three rivers + sequoia national forest: part two

so i’m a little bit obsessed with trees at the moment. somehow max knew this without me telling him, and he surprised me with a trip to the sequoia national forest for my birthday last weekend.

the first set of photos from the trip are here. this set is primarily the trees, with a few of us. 🙂


birthday trip to three rivers + sequoia national forest: part one

for my birthday this weekend, max surprised me with a getaway trip to three rivers!!

we stayed at the rio sierra riverhouse right outside the sequoia national forest. if you’re looking for a get away somewhere between los angeles and san francisco, this bed and breakfast was paradise.

i took so many pictures that i’m going to have to split them up into 3 blog posts. hah. so, here is set #1: the drive there!

later this week i’ll post the unbelievable photos taken in the snow up in the mountains. and, the world’s largest tree. 🙂


lingerie / fashion review: true&co

A few months ago I stumbled across a new company called True&Co that had a relatively new model for lingerie shopping. I eyed their products for a month or so, and then decided to test out the whole “shopping from home” thing. I’m notorious for trying on a million things in the store and only purchasing one, if that, so I didn’t anticipate online shopping for bras to work out too well. Especially because I’m in-between on band AND cup sizes. It’s just difficult for me.

True&Co has you answer a detailed but brief questionnaire, and then they send 5 bras to your home. You give a $45 deposit, try on the bras when they arrive, and slap the return label on the box and send back the ones you decide not to keep within 7 days. All shipping both ways is free, and the bras are priced between $35-$60 apiece (less than Victoria’s Secret now, mind you. AND they run sales all the time.). If you don’t keep any, they refund the $45, and the whole experience has cost you $0.

When you answer the questionnaire and order your box, you get to choose 3 from the shop and they choose 2 that they believe will fit you best. (THEY’RE A SURPRISE. I LOVE SURPRISES.) When I got them? All. Five. Bras. Fit. And they were the most comfortable bras I’d ever worn in my life.

I just received my second order from True&Co yesterday, and have now taken it upon myself to be their #1 biggest fan. Below are photos of 5 True&Co bras that I have in my possession right now. If you’d like to try them out too, click here and use the code: LAUREN15! You’ll get 15% off for being referred by me. <3 PS. After you complete your first "intro box" with 5 bras, you are given a personal shop on their website, so the only bras you see are bras that are in your size, and in styles that compliment your shape and figure! So incredibly great.

All photos taken by Lauren Dubinsky. Please credit when used.