ivy and cordatum in the new home

i feel like i’m climbing out of bed for the first time in five months and sheepishly brushing hair out of my eyes as i squint to see everyone again. hello, good morning, hello. can you believe that’s how long it’s been? five months.

i’ve been resting, focusing on work, healing, and – i’m thrilled about this part – moving into a new apartment! i live for new spaces and new home projects. after a year and a half of a “let’s save rent!” apartment, we just moved into a precious little 2 bedroom full of perfect natural light that i am reveling in. max and i have spent the last couple of weeks making it into our little sanctuary. and i’ll continue to do so for awhile. i’m so excited to slowly make my way back into sharing my little living spaces with you all. thank you for always listening.

this sentence deserves it’s own paragraph: i finally have an office!!

my plant addiction is thriving. this week’s babies have just found their new places. cordatum in the kitchen, and ivy in the office.

ps. i can’t stop listening to daughter. they’re stunning.

* cordatum: $8, local grocery store
**wicker & cast iron hutch: $70, garage sale
*** frames: $5 ea, melrose trading post
**** butterflies: $3, goodwill
***** glass jars/pots: $0.50-$2 ea, goodwill
****** candle: gift, anthropologie
* ivy: $8, local grocery store
** cast iron & metal bookshelf: $60, melrose trading post
*** lightbulbs threaded w/wire: gift