the home: my indoor plants

left to right: orchid, scindapsus pictus argyraeus, dracaena fragrans (corn plant), senecio radicans (string of bananas)

living room plants

the three hanging plants in my living room are my very favorite! the succulent closest to the window (senecio radicans) has his position because he requires medium-to-full sun. i water him lightly once a week, and he grows rapidly. the middle plant hanging from the beam (scindapsus pictus argyraeus) is another low maintenance plant, and i have a second one in my office. they love bright light but have to be kept out of direct sunlight, and he’s due for a trim!

the largest one (cordatum philodendron), potted in the coconut fiber planter, is my newest. his original hanger wasn’t long enough for the beam, and couldn’t be hidden by some clever jute/hemp design, so i created a 12-knot jute hanger for him! i have two other cordatums (in my kitchen), and am working on some cuttings from them. there are hundreds of types of these, and this particular strain i believe is ‘brazil,’ identified by the yellow streaks or splotches in some of the leaves. cordatums have been my most successful houseplant to date — they grow rapidly, need watered once every 7-10 days, and grow in partial shade.

below are two cuttings from the cordatum that i started a few weeks ago — they’ve grown roots so much more quickly than the cuttings i placed straight into dirt, so i’m planning on planting them this week and hoping they survive!


more cordatum on the hutch, as well as asparagus densiflorus cv sprengeri on the top left of the hutch. and of course, pixel checkin’ out the new babies. asparagus densiflorus also goes by asparagus fern, lace fern, plumosa fern….it has a lot of names. it’s pretty delicate and they are quick to dry out — you have to keep a close eye on their dirt and keep them damp (but not soaked). 24 hours dry and they die pretty quickly. they also need fairly bright light, and i’d consider them one of the hardest houseplants i’ve kept — but they’re worth it because of their delicate airy-ness!

kitchen, continued

below is my kitchen table as i was getting ready to built a jute hanger, and figure out which new houseplants would be best for the office + kitchen windows!

the itty bitty guys are hyposteses ‘white’ (keep moist + bright light) and a korean rack fern (keep moist, but low to medium light). the mossy looking plant is another one of my all-time favorites: selaginella kraussiana or “krauss’ spikemoss” or “gold club moss.” it’s sooooo beautiful for houseplant arrangements, both hanging or not. out in ‘real life’ it is a ground covering. it does best in shade (with minimal sun) and weekly light waterings, so i decided to hang it at the very top of a window in order to give it filtered light.

lastly, the button fern. excuse me while i shout that FERNS ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING EVER MADE. button ferns are a bit more adaptable to apartment life than some of the other delicate ones (maidenhair ferns, asparagus ferns) so this one is great to start with if you want something a little more unique than your standard boston fern. i decided hang him from the curtain rod in my kitchen, since it’s bright light, but not direct. remember that ferns enjoy the sun, but ALWAYS through a filter (forest plants!), and never directly. or they’ll just….toast.

the office

here is the little gold club moss, in the double-pot jute hanger! below you will see that i originally was playing with putting a jade plant at the top, but i’m keeping him outside for now, as my indoor jade plants have all died from lack of heat/sun/whatever it is that succulents just really want to be experiencing in their life.

below you will also see the asparagus fern at the top of the bookshelf, and the scindapsus pictus argyraeus on the middle shelf — as well as the cordatum cuttings. i haven’t decided what will sit in the bottom pot of the plant hanger yet.

smaller version of the scindapsus pictus argyraeus

this is a virginia blue fern, and they do well in low-light, so i have him in the middle of the living room

bedroom + kitchen

above are two succulents in my bedroom. i don’t actually know the name of the top succulent, as it’s very rare and i just got him from the succulent cafe in oceanside, california last weekend! i’ll edit this post when i find out.

the second succulent is the common sedum morganianum (or donkey’s tail, or burro’s tail), who will grow up to look like this. i have one of these on my patio as well, and so far, they’re suuuuch sloooow growers.

to end the post, i though i’d leave you with petunia and the button fern. she is the Arch Enemy of all my houseplants, and it’s been quite the feat to keep as many plants alive as we have. approximately 50 valiant plants have died in the pixel & petunia war against plants. you can see more of them both at <3

next, i’ll be blogging all my vegetables and herbs that i’m growing from the patio of my los angeles apartment, and sharing how i’ve arranged, seeded, and cared for them in the extremely non-garden friendly environment — hehe.

until next time!! xoxo