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Compulsive creator, sharer, writer, and nature-lover. Ambivert.

I write frequently – and a lot of it ends up here. The rest of it, on Tumblr. In some places, I feel a lot – and some places, not at all. So I try to use my words to fix both. I’m shamelessly addicted to aesthetics.

My experience (and passions) include: graphic design, web design/dev, studio art, short/long form copywriting, community management, photography/image retouching, social media consulting, digital strategy, and documenting my cats, Pixel and Petunia: pixelandpetunia.tumblr.com

I’ve retired the days of freelancing for graphic design, web design, photography, and writing — but now I coach social strategy and identity. Translated: I help independent artists and small business owners create and sustain their online presence in a soulful, creative, smarter-not-harder way.

My day job: Overseeing the online presence and social content for film and television properties.

Nothing makes me happier than being outdoors. Openly a plant addict (52 of them and counting).

I run Good Women Project — though it’s on a temporary hiatus — and am beyond passionate about women knowing they already are who they desire to be. I know death in the heart of a woman, and I have found the life that can come. I’m (sometimes) around for interviews. : D

Much love.

Twitter: @laurendubinsky & @goodwomenproj

Pinterest: pinterest.com/laurendubinsky

Email: laurennicolelove[at]gmail.com * I currently cannot reply to all emails. I’m sorry. 🙁

Tumblr: laurennicolelove.tumblr.com

Portfolio: laurennicolelove.carbonmade.com

Instagram: laurennicolelove

Facebook: facebook.com/laurendubinsky.