+ tiptoes. +

i really should combine my writing and photography more. really..

+ simple things. +

i want to be content
with only
the simple things.

this may be the theme for my planning and my photography for the month of august.

– – –

i am also going to start sharing free textures for everyone’s use.

here we go!


+ tgif +

new artwork up on laurennicolelove.etsy.com today!

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you should also check out ohhellofriend.blogspot.com & blissfulb.blogspot.com.


+ hush, she said. +

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lots of love to madebygirl.blogspot.com who featured my work here!

also to wishpot.com, hellyeahdude.com, buzzfeed, designworklife.com, thingstodotoday.com, lapetitemore.tumblr.com, leoburnett.com, endearing.tumblr.com, and all the rest who have featured my love + 100 strangers project!.

+ i am a lady. +

many thanks to www.decor8blog.com who featured my work here!.

+ love everyone +

lauren nicole.

+ ramone the squirrel +

this is dedicated to bailey, and her missing squirrel, ramone. :] i told her i would paint ramone for her, in remembrance of the poor baby squirrel that she had to let loose into the wild. aw. we’ve decided to believe in happy endings..