+ pretty. jewelry. +


got happy pills today to try to combat this awful weather and the hormones that god so graciously blessed me with.

trying to keep track of all the life lessons i’m learning.

woke up at 5am and needed coffee all day; didn’t get it til 10pm. timing fail.

got two little baby fishies, sabo & gordon. they are oh so cute.

and, have a nice little photograph of two bracelets i made. yay.

how’s everyone’s new year going so far?.

+ wishlist+

I never make wishlists. Ever. For a whole lot of reasons. But today I’m making one. It’s a really short one, but still. Here it is. The end.


+ red. +

please go read belle chantelle’s post, “turmoil” if you haven’t already clicked thru to the blog of the week and read it on your own. her second post, along the same line, is here. you would be well off to read it, as well..

+ new toys +

a little trip to midwest photo exchange to purchase myself (finally) a hotshoe adapter for my new lightstand/speedlite.

i also got a silver umbrella and poverty wizards.

– – –

i’ve been struggling with the placement of a possible tattoo, and think i’m falling in love with where she has hers….thoughts?

– – –

i want to know what these men do with their money..