free download: twitter header / cover template psd

yesterday, twitter released a new layout. it’s primarily designed for mobile browsing, but it’s also viewable on desktop. if your account hasn’t updated yet, don’t worry. it’s just waiting until you go to design settings and add a header image, and click save. the dimensions for the image are: 1252×626.

make sure you don’t upload an image over 5mb. i put together this little psd for work, and figured i might as well share it with you all! if you have a simple background, you won’t need it – but if you want to play around with some cool effects/the placement of your profile photo, you’ll need this!

psd includes element layers and guides.

click here to download the psd

if the link doesn’t work, cut and paste this into your browser:

have fun, and link me to your new twitter profiles in the comments if you like! ^_^.

Giveaway: Two Books & Two Sets of Prints!

Yes it ISSSSS. Today I’m giving away TWO signed copies of my husband’s book of short stories, We Can’t Go Home Again.

It was released at the beginning of the year for Kindle (99¢) and iTunes (99¢), but it was just released in paperback!

(If you don’t want to wait to win, you can just go order it, ’cause it’s only $5!)

I’m also giving away two sets of little beautiful prints that feature lines from his book!

TO ENTER: Leave a comment with your EMAIL ADDRESS or TWITTER HANDLE.
You get a DOUBLE ENTRY if you click “Like” on this post, too!

(I need a way to get a hold of you if you win.)

Four people will win! Two people will get a copy of the signed book, and two people will get a set of prints. ♥

Entry closes on Thursday, May 10th, at midnight PST.

* * *

PS. I have a confession. I didn’t read short stories much before I met Max, but good lord. They really rip your heart out and put it back in again.

PPS. If you’ve already read his book and want the prints, go leave a review on Amazon, and Max will send you the prints for free!
HEAR THAT. There’s a way to guarantee getting free prints in your mailbox!


free / / / / iphone backgrounds

As requested, and as promised! iPhone background versions of the four previously released free desktop backgrounds. 🙂

To use, click and hold down over image on iPhone until “Save Image” option appears. Image is then saved to your camera roll. Background/wallpaper can be set by visiting Settings > Wallpaper on your iPhone.


FREE / / / / desktop backgrounds.

After months and months and months and months of putting off moving my blog to WordPress, I’ve finally done it. Take a little look around. Some things are different. <3

I’ve also designed the desktop backgrounds below, and you are free to use them. To save full size, right click, and click Save As.