wild: a trip to death valley.

all photos taken by myself, lauren dubinsky. please credit if shared or re-posted. thank you

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a fleeting moment at dusk, in our quiet hallway

i always want to remember evenings like this.

adventure to the salton sea: part one


a weekend at home: in photos.

a weekend at home. beginning to stoke the flames of the fire starter sessions, farmers market flowers, watercolors, and finding peace again.

birthday trip to three rivers + sequoia national forest: part three

this is the last set of photos from our trip! the first set is here [the drive there & back] and the second set is here [the trees].

snow and ice are incredible.


birthday trip to three rivers + sequoia national forest: part two

so i’m a little bit obsessed with trees at the moment. somehow max knew this without me telling him, and he surprised me with a trip to the sequoia national forest for my birthday last weekend.

the first set of photos from the trip are here. this set is primarily the trees, with a few of us. 🙂


birthday trip to three rivers + sequoia national forest: part one

for my birthday this weekend, max surprised me with a getaway trip to three rivers!!

we stayed at the rio sierra riverhouse right outside the sequoia national forest. if you’re looking for a get away somewhere between los angeles and san francisco, this bed and breakfast was paradise.

i took so many pictures that i’m going to have to split them up into 3 blog posts. hah. so, here is set #1: the drive there!

later this week i’ll post the unbelievable photos taken in the snow up in the mountains. and, the world’s largest tree. 🙂



so…this past sunday at the larchmont farmer’s market, i convinced max to let us foster three tiny kittens for an adoption agency there! we have these three babies until next sunday, at which point i will probably fall apart trying to give them back.

note: if you are in los angeles and want to adopt one of them, let me know!!! they have their flea/lice meds & are 80% potty trained. haha. .

september in photos

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bits of the hudson apartment, and self-portraits.

“hooooo-um.” she stretched her vowels and lips as her eyes widened, joy spilling out from her self-accomplishment. “hooooo-um,” she repeated again. the new word. the boy who had taken her in, woven his fingers with hers to keep her close, was patiently explaining all of the new intricacies of life to her. discovery was hers. this life that everyone had been living in, while she had – morning after morning – splayed her little feet under and through the dirt. she bubbled through deep breaths of excitement over the new and delicate, but often fell against deep pains and childlike confusion over the ugly. it was so much. but she was determined. “hooooo-um.” determined for this. this word. she was home.

lnd – 7.20.12.