When Christianity Says You Aren’t Enough + Update On The Trip

“I thought the world was diseased, and that I could save it by living, breathing, and dying in a vacuum called The Righteous & Holy Life. That the rebellious would see how good and clean and white I was, and would press their faces against the glass, crying out to God that they too wanted to be saved. So that they might live, breathe, and die in this sub-world, utterly void of sin.

They were destined for hell. Sons of liars, thieves, and all things wicked and perverse.

Not to be touched.”

Read the rest of my post on DeeperStory.com today >>>

Max & I are in Richmond, VA at the moment — we’ve spent the last couple of weeks in Harrisburg, Philadelphia, West Chester, DC & (I think?) we are headed to Raleigh, NC this evening!

Cities coming up: Greensboro, Charlotte, Columbia, Charleston, Savannah, Atlanta, & anywhere in between! We would love to meet you, or crash on your sofa! Or you know, both.

I’m still updating See The Cities with our photos! Also, you should read Max’s post, “If We Reach The Cities, We Will Reach The Nations.

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  1. Nicole says:

    Your road trip and the reason for it, is amazing. I love learning about what you two are out there doing and finding and especially LOVE that you're inspiring me from all the way across the country.

  2. Paige says:

    We live in Athens, GA… come visit us!! Email me–paige.maitland@gmail.com … have a couple of artist's markets coming up but would love to have you even in the middle of everything. We can provide good food, a cozy bed, and friendship.

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