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lift up your eyes and look
to the heavens
who created all these?
he who brings out the stars one by one
and calls them each
by name.
because of his great power and strength
not one of them
is missing.
is. 40.26

*note – not all space photos are interplanetary.


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  1. Lauren Nicole says:

    love this. and that's one of my favorite bible verses,:]. the top photo is just…WOW.
    – L

  2. Paige Baker says:


  3. dith says:

    Hello Lauren. They are lovely lovely pics. I also love the Bible verse, God's creation is so fab!!!

  4. Han says:

    You might also like EM (electron microscope) images – they are amazing – how the nastiest bug can look so pretty that close up! Yeah I'm a geek lol

  5. Priscilla says:

    I LOVE stuff like this with God’s words reverberating His truth as I’m looking at His creation or pix of His creation

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