Rest: Conversations with God.

I’m learning that black and white often isn’t sufficient for me. I love words. But I love the sky. And colors. And air. And space.

This was my conversation with God this morning. And how it felt.

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  1. kelly summers says:

    absolutely freaking beautiful. thanks for always displaying your heart so honestly.

    "i only know. i do not yet believe."
    so good. that explains exactly how i feel.

  2. Rebekah Ward says:

    This is what I needed right now.

    We like to say around here that the Holy Spirit is not schitzophrenic. He's not all over the place in the way He speaks. He will often say the same thing to different people and I never cease to be amazed when I "compare notes" with my brothers and sisters only to find that what He's been saying to me… He's been saying to them…

    This is a perspective I needed today.

  3. Just me says:

    Beautiful. Love this.

  4. Matt Shedd says:

    So, this is beautiful, and I must say that you got my mind thinking when you mentioned that "He said everything was accomplished on the sixth day."

    The sixth day creation was finished,
    The sixth day the work of redeeming creation was finished,

    and on the first day the New Creation began.

    Thanks for this!

  5. Jonathan Manor says:

    that's really cool. and black and white doesn't work for me either =)

  6. Sally D says:

    This is beautiful Lauren. So glad you are in my son's life…take care of each other as the Father takes care of you – with unconditional love. Lift each other up to be what Christ intends for each of you to be. You are an amazing writer, photographer, woman.

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