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My sister recently posted these of us. Oh, little babies. I didn’t realize how much of the same girl I am. I miss the south, and I miss the simplicity of quietness and observing the world move. I wish I was still three years old, and could get away with speaking barely at all and listening to everything. I have little to say, and I feel consistently forced to say more than what I have in my mind and my mouth.

Love simply, speak softly, believe passionately, give sacrificially, move slowly, watch constantly.

Childhood, you were an invaluable gift to me..

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  1. iheartvegetables says:

    Oh my gosh, these are too cute! I love it 🙂

  2. Novelista Barista says:

    awe i love old pictures!

  3. Biscuet says:

    I like what you're about. And i think these pictures are awesome.

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