a weekend at home: in photos.

a weekend at home. beginning to stoke the flames of the fire starter sessions, farmers market flowers, watercolors, and finding peace again.

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  1. Nahid Bushra says:

    I just love the photos. I have been reading your blogs. I think its really inspiring.

  2. Ruthie Dean says:

    Beautiful photos, Lauren!

  3. YES YES YES! I’m reading the Fire Starter Sessions right now, too!! And I’m in that same place, of writing out what you want to feel.
    These pictures are amazing <3

  4. Ravan says:


  5. Esha says:

    Lauren, you have the best handwriting I’ve ever seen! Such a fan.

  6. Emily Jane says:

    What a BEAUTIFUL weekend filled with such delicious photos. Lovely.

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