bits of the hudson apartment, and self-portraits.

“hooooo-um.” she stretched her vowels and lips as her eyes widened, joy spilling out from her self-accomplishment. “hooooo-um,” she repeated again. the new word. the boy who had taken her in, woven his fingers with hers to keep her close, was patiently explaining all of the new intricacies of life to her. discovery was hers. this life that everyone had been living in, while she had – morning after morning – splayed her little feet under and through the dirt. she bubbled through deep breaths of excitement over the new and delicate, but often fell against deep pains and childlike confusion over the ugly. it was so much. but she was determined. “hooooo-um.” determined for this. this word. she was home.

lnd – 7.20.12.

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  1. Cari says:

    Such beautiful photos and words. Truly lovely, Lauren. Thanks for this. x

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