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It’s about time I dedicate a post to Jeni’s. Unfortunately, this little gourmet ice cream shop is only a couple blocks down from me, so I visit way too often. Today, I had to shoot around for a school photo assignment and decided to throw some up for you all to see!

I’ve been slowing down a lot lately, and trying to do more things that I genuinely love to do, and I’m already feeling much better. Hooray. πŸ™‚


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  1. Nate St. Pierre says:

    Hi, my name is Nate, and I'm talking to you right now.


  2. Mark says:

    Hi, I'm Mark and I got here via a tweet from Jeni's.

    I'm in Urbana, Illinois but my daughter is in Columbus and I adore Jeni's at North Market. Or by mail. πŸ˜€

  3. lauren lanza osias says:

    these photos are ah-mazing. ohmylordy, just beautiful. i don't eat dairy, but i would!!! your blog is simply beautiful.

    i'm also lauren and i came to find your site through a dear friend, who thought i would love it. and i do.


  4. Jessica T. says:

    Hi, I'm Jess. Former TeenPacter, friend of Craig's, occasionally talk to you, hear all about you from him. He thinks you're awesome, and that's a good enough reason for me to stalk you. And he's right (duh), you're awesome.

  5. Lauren Nicole says:

    hi i'm lauren and think you're amazing. and the most inspiring person in my life. you blog is awesome, as it's always been and i've been following since…yeah, the beginning. <3

    the photos of jeni's are soooo pretty. much better than my attempts at shooting an ice cream place. (film camera = fail.) annnnd, yep, this post is so lovely and wonderful, as usual. :]

    – L

  6. Paige Baker says:
  7. Jen says:

    Hi, I'm Jen and I found you on tumblr and then realized I liked looking at this blog, too!

  8. Anonymous says:

    My name is Lauren, as well – I don't remember how I found your blog, but I greatly enjoy it!

  9. wallflower says:

    Hi! Dori here! I live in India! But not really, my city is just full of Indians so you could mistaken it for India. πŸ˜‰ I really live in Canada.

    I'm actually a new reader too, and I'm following a billion blogs right now so I never have time to catch up on any of them, ugh.

    I was wondering, though, what kind of lens you use to take those photos? I'm liking it, you're good.


  10. Emily Makar says:

    me! πŸ™‚

  11. Lindsay says:

    Oh god, my craving for ice cream just went through the roof. Gorgeous pictures.

    Oh, hi. I'm Lindsay.

  12. Lauren says:

    I'm Lauren too. And even more ironic, my middle name's nicole too! I'm a friend of Paige and she recomended your blog. I'm glad she did because I absolutly love your blog!

  13. leeselooks says:


    hi beauty. AH. we are twins.
    the simple things = life.

    thanks for the message- love your blog. passing it on to my bestie who will love it – you have to check hers out too –


    where do you live?!

    hope you're having a gorgeous weekend


  14. Annie says:

    these are beautiful! love the coloring

  15. lauren lanza osias says:

    they have dairy free ice cream, oh holy yay! my good friend was abigail reighard. she knew i would love your blog and she was right!


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