Right now we are in Harrisburg, and headed to Philadelphia today — and DC next. Let me know if you are there. ♥

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  1. Cat & Cricket says:

    Little chilly in Philly today..winds are kicking up..but you will sure have fun with your camera!

  2. kinsey french. says:

    Love these photos!! So pretty. :]

  3. kxm says:

    The Birmingham Bridge is one of my least favorite bridges in this city of bridges, but I really like the second shot from the deck. Hope you enjoyed your brief sojourn! Safe travels!

  4. Rebekah Ward says:

    I heart this city. Because my best friend lives there. It's beautiful… the city of bridges… Mount Washington in the rain.. primanti brothers.. Many sweet memories. 🙂

    Have fun! And stay warm!

  5. Alice says:

    Woowwww. I want to go there so bad, beautiful photos.

  6. Karen Stegall says:

    Hey there… just catching onto your site via Max… I have to admit I'm already in love with you, but not in a weird stalker way, just that yeah, another cool chic out there in the world way.

    I love what you and Max are doing… and I totally support that. I myself lived outdoors for a year & 1/2 working with kids, and miss the carpet of dirt beneath me.

    Keep it going.

  7. Sally D says:

    Awesome pics…handsome man…

  8. suzannah {so much shouting, so much laughter} says:

    ahh, pittsburgh. that is my city. hope she treated you well:)

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