+ photos from washington state, & thoughts on grief +

This has been a week for wrestling with new things, and very old things. The old grief, the new self-doubt, and new eyes. Grief is a strange thing. There is no feeling like it. It is debilitating and consistent only in it’s inconsistency in appearing. It scares me that visually, grief sits at the base of my heart and joy is at the top. It permeates a level that joy has not yet touched. I realized I’ve sought healing in addition to grief, instead of in it’s place. More on grief here.

Oh the mysteries of the heart.

P.S. I miss the Pacific Northwest and it’s rawness. The “closer to God” effect. I found the photos above from Deception Pass, Washington when organizing my library and am excited to go back again this year..

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  1. Richard Kindig says:

    I just discovered Deception Pass a couple of weeks ago with Beth. We camped in the park just west of the bridge. What effect did you use to get that look in Photoshop… it almost looks like High Dynamic Range. Hope to see you back out in the PacNW soon!

  2. Trish says:

    Thanks so much for posting this. I stumbled upon it tonight when I can relate to it perfectly. "It is debilitating and consistent only in it's inconsistency in appearing. " That's where I am right now. And whether the grief decides to dig it's claws into my heart in the middle of a movie, a meeting at work, or in the grocery store, it's grip is suffocating.

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