+ only one stone. +

I have so much to do before sleeping
I am sitting in a puddle
of little girl little love little do you remember
when you were too scared to move
the monsters in your mind
could almost beat out daddy by your side
tracing circles on the sheets and
invisible claws underneath
i’m so full of little girl little love oh so full
of nightmares and memories of hair bows and shadowed screams
bitter baby find the traces
of truer fantasies patterned with ties and laces
oh how your form softened
before you knew what they wanted
how your eyes sharpened and greyed
while he chiseled away her lossless faith
oh i’m so full
so very full

gripped, crystalized and
glassy eyes staring wide
she wouldn’t know for years
her breath was frozen
and every element caught beneath the glass
trace slower, slower
the path tied up the forest in her heart
treading softer than she could
crushing crushing crushing
caught between every birthing cry
the path goes on forever
by speaking
by silence
killing two hearts with


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  1. jana.kaye says:

    hey Lauren. just found your blog via a friend's link to Make it Mad's blog. Just wanted to say thanks for your honesty. and this poem I love.

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