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I am the founder + editor of Good Women Project & I run AskLauren – where I answer anonymous questions about sex, dating, & marriage. Below are links to some of the publications or radio shows I have contributed to.

Huffington Post:

The Most Difficult But Greatest Lesson I’ve Learned In One Year Of Marriage

Christian Letter Writes Letter to 18 Year Old Self

Relevant Magazine:

The Friends With Benefits Epidemic

Learning From Celebrity Divorce – In which I finally write about Kim Kardashian and Zooey Deschanel.

I Don’t Know God At All – Being married, being tired of Easter Services, and realizing that knowledge doesn’t equal knowing.

My Little God, And Her Two Broken Fists – Deciding to forgive, and not feeling like we’ve forgiven them.

A Year Without A Home And I Am Less Alone – The process of being an orphan, starting over, and finding love.

I Am My Mother’s Daughter – The only time I’ve ever written about my mother.

The Death Of A Name  – Taking my husband’s name and choosing the new names we’ve been given.

Who Are You And What Are You Doing? – We are not always who people tell us we are.

A Letter To The Girl Without A Father – And other thoughts on Daddy Issues.

The Most Important Thing – When you feel like you are under-equipped for absolutely everything.

When Christianity Says You Aren’t Enough – Recovering from legalism and perfectionism.

Love Was The Plan – It isn’t about Good and Evil, Right and Wrong. It’s about Love.

Good Women Project

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Sexual Competition In The Church – for Converge Magazine

Issue #3, print edition of Darling Magazine


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Drew Marshall Show.