hi! i'm lauren.

i am a product of love.

i'm 23 and my world is full.

i love people, and want you to be part of my life.

i am an obsessive creator.

my primary outlets are: writing, blogging, photography, art, home decor, jewelry, web & graphic design.

i'm team leader for love bomb for itstartswith.us. be a part of it, and help me love the world.

i run the good women project, helping young women become good women.

i write for deeper story, on life, god & culture.

i design & re-design blogs. email me if you need yours to look super-awesome.

i live to make my life beautiful and speak truth in love.

i want to encourage you, inspire you, help you, collaborate with you, talk with you and listen to you.


i'm stalker-friendly:

portfolio: laurennicolelove.carbonmade.com

blog: laurennicolelove.com/blog

tumblr [uncensored]: laurennicolelove.tumblr.com

twitter: @laurenlankford & @dropalovebomb & @goodwomenproj

current projects:
good women project
love bomb
love + 100 strangers

recent photo series:
scream the prayer
my bedroom
slow down
four30 project

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